Information About Eyelash Extensions | Types of Eyelash Extensions

The price of eyelash extensions, while synthetic is less stressful on your pocketbook. You will generally find the synthetic alternative readily available as opposed to the two other kinds.

However, having them put should be entirely painless.

After that you can begin taking showers like you normally would- you can even swim with them on. Keep in mind that you will also want to avoid certain types of makeup remover when you are cleaning your face at night.

The Cost of Eyelash Extensions

Some extension procedures cost considerably more than this- think in the thousands. The majority of extensions fall between the range of $220 and $500 for the initial procedure.

About Eyelash Extensions

The Benefits of the Procedure

Eyelash extensions are designed to feel entirely weightless for the user so that they do not hinder any daily activities by being uncomfortable. This means that after they dry you can resume any normal routines you normally partake in- aside from applying some types of mascara.

Since you can choose to get black extensions you can almost eliminate the need for any eye makeup at all.

However, the volume eyelashes application technique uses a thinner, lighter false lash. We can now apply between 2 and 6 fake lashes per natural lash, which gives the appearance of a gorgeous, fluttery, thick lash line, regardless of the volume of your natural lashes. The lighter lashes do not weigh heavily on your eyelids, and they do not hinder the natural growth or health of your own lashes.

Some Final Thoughts About Eyelash Extensions

Some places allow cosmetologists to adhere to them, while others require that only licensed estheticians handle client requests for the extensions. The final cost will, of course, be directly influenced by what type you decide to get.

Eyelashes fall out just like any other type of hair, and if the lash falls out that the extension adheres to you will need to replace it. If you neglect to maintain them, eyelash extensions can have the opposite effect that you desire. Plan to set aside around half of what you paid for the entire set for each touch-up.

Lash Studio

We also offer dermaplaning exfoliation treatments at Eye Candy Esthetics and Lash Studio. Dermaplaning removes the upper layer of dead skin cells sitting, as well as any unwanted facial hair, giving you a smooth, clear, healthy complexion. Dermaplaning is non-invasive and painless.

At Eye Candy Esthetics and Lash Studio, we are also currently learning the new volume eyelash application technique, which can create a thicker, lusher lash line than traditional eyelash extensions, even if your natural lash line is rather lackluster. We are currently inviting models to have this exciting eyelash application done at a discounted rate.…